Hello everyone, did you miss me?  Hehehe.

Today, I felt like I wanted to share my experience with the iPad Air so far, and kind of give you readers an idea of what to expect if you purchase this wonderful tablet from the brilliant people at Apple.  The iPad Air is one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology I have ever used, and I absolutely marvel at its screen and build quality every time I turn it on or use it.

The start-up time on this iPad Air is absolutely amazing.  It literally takes seconds to fully turn on and be functional from a cold boot.  When I carry it with me, I barely even notice I have it because it is just so light.  I do have a few accessories for it, and a very nice iPad Air case I found online, but the little bit of weight it adds makes it worth protecting my investment.  If I were to break this thing, I would be devastated.  I didn’t get the AppleCare+, so I must be really careful when handling it.

I use a lot of apps, including the Google Maps app and even a little bit of Flappy Bird (I hate that game).  I’ve even used Facetime to talk to my family back home who don’t even have iPads, they have iPhones, but the video calls still work perfectly and look great.

Web browsing on the iPad Air is also very awesome, and it makes browsing on my iPhone 5c seem so much more…. microscopic, for lack of a better word!  Ha!

Overall, I am extremely impressed with this tablet, and I will use this for years to come.  I’m sure that when a new iPad is released, perhaps they’ll make it bigger and call it the iPad Pro, I may be enticed to get another one, but hopefully I can fight the urge.  I do hear that the resaleability of the iPad is quite good, so I may only have to pay a small difference to upgrade to the “latest and greatest.”

If you’re on the fence about getting an iPad Air, I say do it.  iOS 7 is a joy to use (I’ve heard iOS 6 and below didn’t look nearly as good), the WiFi is fast, the processor is fast, the retina display is gorgeous, and it’s so thin and light, it almost takes up less mass than a BOOK.  And reading books is great, too.  I can go on and on, but to conclude:  I approve of this iPad Air!


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Taking the Train

05 Dec 2013

Howdy friends!

Just checking back in to tell you about my travels thus far.  Today I visited the Big Ben, and had a wonderful time taking pictures with my iPhone, which I’ll be sure to post up soon.  Our tour guide had a very British accent and it was actually kind of hard to understand at times, but me and my peers sufficed.  I’m now back at my hotel about to go to sleep for the night, and I’m drained overall.

I was also able to eat at this very nice cafe in central London, and the name escapes me.  If anyone can help me out, it had an extremely large tree right next to the outside terrace, and the name of the place is on the tip of my tongue!

But at any rate, I must retire for the night and I will be back soon for more!

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Hello everyone!  Do I have an exciting story to share with you all!

I just made it to Europe, and I originally decided to utilize pre-paid SIM Cards with my iPhone 5c.  Little did I know, this is not an option for me!  The only thing I could do initially was to use my regular SIM card and pay a lot of money.  So, I took to Google and found something great.  There is a way you can unlock the iPhone 5c, and it works great!

First I went to this site, called Unlock iPhone 5c (original, isn’t it?).  From there, I was able to click the Unlock link and it brought me to the site where they unlock iPhone 5c devices for a special deal the website offers.  Now that my iPhone is unlocked, I can use it with any prepaid SIM cards I pick up on my travels.

The data speeds seem just as fast as they were in my country, so I am very thankful for that.  I did have to change my phone number to a local number, however, but that was expected since it is a new SIM.  I also had to cut the SIM card down for it to fit, but the gentleman at the store did it for me for free, but I did get the service through him so it was the least he could do :)

I’m here in Europe for a couple of weeks, so I will be updating as I travel later on.  For now, I need rest.  Good night everyone and I will speak with you all again soon!

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After a little bit of deliberation and help from my readers, I have decided to purchase the iPad Air with LTE!  I am moving forward into the information age at a very alarming rate right now!  I feel I only need 16GB, so I am probably looking to pay around $600 for my new toy, BUT, I am about to embark on a Black Friday journey in hopes of getting a little bit cheaper than the list price.  Hopefully they’ll still have some at the Apple Store!

In the meantime, I have been search for iPad Air accessories, cases, and what have you, and stumbled upon iPad Air Acessories.com.  They appear to have the exact items I am looking for and have laid out the best keyboard cases and more.  I’m not a fan of the designer sleeves because they’re far too costly for my tastes and one of them costs more than the iPad Air itself!  At any rate, I plan to choose a good keyboard case from this site as soon as I arrive home with my new iPad!

As soon as I get the tablet, I will be updating you all with the best maps apps I can find, and how I plan to use it during my travels since I leave Monday!  Thanks for reading this edition of my blog, and I will speak with you all again very soon! :)

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Hello again friends :)

After a few weeks now, I am absolutely in love with my iPhone 5c.  I cannot believe I have been without a smartphone for so long, and it makes me feel absolutely foolish.  I have been able to configure Google Maps and the “Maps” application that came on the phone itself, and I am ready for my trip to Europe next week!

I have been thinking though, is my iPhone going to be enough to get me by?  Will I be bored or will my battery run out?  That, I’m unsure of.  I have been browsing the web looking for a laptop and I came across the iPad, which I heard about but did not know it was priced so low.  The iPad mini seems to be a very good device, and it has a very high quality screen but I’m not sure if I should spend the extra $100 for what they call the iPad Air.

Before I make my purchase, I would like to ask my readers: Should I get a “LTE” model so I can use it on the go by itself, or can I use my iPhone 5c as what they call a “hotspot” or “tethering?”  I do not know the price, and I hope someone from Europe may be able to let me know my options.

Hopefully someone may be able to answer my question, as I’ve seen a quite a few visitors reading my blog lately :)

I believe you can comment below and help me with my dilemma, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated in my progress.  Hopefully I get an answer by the time I depart to London!

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Hello again friends!  I see some people have been to my blog in the last few days, so I figured I owe you all an update!  My iPhone 5c is working just fine lately, and it seems like I’ll be putting the Maps feature to use very shortly!  I have just received word I have had my VISA approved for travel to the European Union, namely the United Kingdom area, specifically: LONDON!  Yea Bay-by!  Okay that was maybe a little comical :P

I will begin packing my things soon, but first I have begun going through things I need to prepare to make my trip much easier, especially considering the technological world we live in these days (as I write to you all via the internet!).  I will be in the city for a week, and may use the train system to venture out.  I also plan on doing a lot of walking through the area, so hopefully the navigation program on my iPhone will allow for this sort of navigation (I think it does.).

At any rate, I hope to write to you all again soon.  My internet connection may be sporadic since I’m told my cellular data may be very expensive or slow.  I will be using WiFi at my hotel and wherever else I can find it for cheap or free.  I’m also hoping my navigation apps allow for offline map loading so that I can make use of it in the more rural areas where my cellular data will not even be an option.  I suppose more research and studying is in order!

If you have any tips, please let me know!  In the meantime, I will search for the answers I can.

Until we meet again :)


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Hello everyone, my name is Omap (pronounced O-Mahp) and short for Omapiyu.  As an introduction, I’d like to explain what it is exactly I plan on doing here :)   I have a very fond liking to all things electronics, and especially mobile electronics.  My brother, who is much young than me mind you, showed me about how I could write on the internet with a blog.  This was not something I thought was possible for someone with limited technical knowledge regarding the internet.  Please mind my English as well, I’m working on it :)

So, like I stated, I love electronics and I currently own an iPhone 5c in very bright green.  Green is the color of luck, after all, so I thought why not.  As I learn this new device, I plan on sharing my experiences to you all, most things I read or things I like.  I hope you enjoy the blog, but I don’t expect too many of you to read it.  If you are reading it (or this!), welcome and I hope I keep you entertained and informed!

The next thing I should do is tell you I am somewhat of a traveler.  I’ve been across the world, navigating via plain maps and atlases, but as you have probably imagined at this point, my new phone makes things much easier.  I hope to collect some pictures to share with all my readers over time, and I heard the camera on this phone is quite good.

I am going offline now, but I will return soon with more updates on my travels and findings across the world, and the world…. wide web.

Take care all!

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